I was tasked with redesigning the logo for Whitewater Rapids Rafting Club, a premier outdoor sports club that provides thrilling and adventurous rafting experiences to its members. The old logo no longer reflected the club's energetic and vibrant personality, so I set out to create a new logo that would represent their adventurous spirit and incorporate their dragon mascot in a modern and sophisticated way.
To achieve this, I developed two different logo styles, each with a unique approach. 
The first style is an illustrative design that is inspired by classic sports logos. I drew upon the bold typography and strong lines that are characteristic of sports logos to create a design that is both dynamic and impactful. I incorporated the dragon mascot into the design in a way that emphasizes its ferocity and strength, and that evokes the club's spirit of adventure and excitement.
The second style I created is a minimal and abstract design that incorporates a water droplet shape to represent the club's focus on water sports. This design is simple yet elegant, with a subtle dragon silhouette. The water droplet shape serves as a visual metaphor for the club's love for water sports and its commitment to preserving the environment.
I believe that these logos will help the club to stand out in the competitive world of outdoor sports, and to attract new members who share their passion for adventure and the outdoors.
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