As a designer, I am thrilled to present my latest projects for Tetley, featuring unique concepts for green tea packaging that I had the privilege to develop. I am confident that both sets will cater to the various preferences of the customers while staying true to the company's values and standards.

The first concept is all about coziness and warmth, which I achieved through the use of a vibrant colour palette and playful illustrations. The centrepiece of this design is a charming beaver, enjoying a cup of green tea in a cozy setting. The illustration captures the essence of what customers expect from Tetley: an inviting, homey feeling that evokes comfort and relaxation.

To amplify this atmosphere, I carefully selected the warm colours to complement the illustration and evoke a sense of serenity and relaxation in the minds of the customers.

My second concept builds on the elegance and simplicity of minimalism, but still conveys the essence of green tea with a touch of sophistication. The main visual element of this design is a series of thin lines that represent the branches of tea plants, arranged in an organicĀ pattern that is both pleasing to the eye and easy to recognize.
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