Editorial publication design of a fictitious magazine titled Insect Insights. With a passion for creative design, I was excited to take on this project and bring it to life.

The design features a stunning cover that immediately catches the eye with its bold, striking colors and intricate details. The use of pink, navy blue, and beige gradients creates a sense of intrigue and sophistication, while the layout and typography convey a modern and sleek aesthetic.

My goal with this design was to create a publication that not only informs readers about the world of insects but also inspires them to see these fascinating creatures in a new light. Through the careful use of white space and contrast, I was able to create a balance between text and imagery that is both attractive and creative.
One of the unique features of Insect Insights is the way in which it showcases the beauty of insects through stunning photography and intricate illustrations.
note: this is a fictional project and all copy is generated by chatGPT
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